If Ethernet, Wifi or 4G is not available we can use Satellites.

42Live has been operating Ka-Satellites across Europe for the last ten years and we have lots of experience in the automatic and manual setup of these devices.

But now there’s a new kid on block – StarLink has proved to be a winner in providing remote internet access and the ability for live streaming from remote locations


StarLink on its own has a fantastic download speed but due to the nature of how this type of Low Earth Obit Satelite operates it is susceptical to disconnects, at 42Live we pair StarLink with PepLink and 4G to give clients that unbreakable internet that they need for those important off-site productions and internet requirements.

We have covered a variety of events and occasions:

  • Grid walk for World Superbikes throughout Europe
  • Scenic streams from Welsh coasts
  • Downlinks for Large Screen in remote places
  • Corporate and essential streaming of events

For more information on our Starlink or Mobile Flypacks please get in touch