Social Media Streaming

Social Media is the biggest way to communicate with a large audience, whether it’s to get a message out or for a product launch.

We can stream to the latest social platforms which include:

FaceBook | YouTube | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | Twitch

With over 1.8 billion accounts, Youtube is one of the go to platforms for live streaming, wether you are streaming a conference or music concert, Youtube allows your viewers to watch content live and on demand at no cost.

We have live streamed 100’s of hours to Youtube, with over 100,000 views watching the content. 

If you are looking for a more engagement with the audience, we’d say Facebook is defiantly where to go! when live streaming to Facebook you can have polls and questions, allowing your audience to engage in a new way. Similar to YouTube, Facebook has a massive amount of people using their service daily, and is a great way to get content across to fans!

Do you have a large fan base of followers on twitter? Twitter allows you to live stream content to your page for your follows to view. Viewers will be able to engage with the live stream by liking and commenting their thoughts. Twitter is one of the older and more popular social media channels.

Twitch is one of the leading platform for live streaming gaming content on PC and consoles. That said Twitch is also used to live stream a wide range of content from Poker to Live QnA sessions. If you have a large fan base on Twitch, why not jazz up your page a little with a high quality production/stream.

Live streaming to social media within China has always been a struggle for most companies, with the Chinese firewall filtering content going into China. We have a solution that allows content to get into China safely, allowing brands to reach the fans in this location.

Struggling to decide what platform to stream to?

Introducing – ‘Eddie’ 42Live’s cloud platform.

You can live stream to multiple destinations at the same time using just 1 video encoder. Eddie can also provide multiple iframes to be placed on websites with optional features including Countdown and image insertion into live streams.

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By live streaming, to social media platforms, you can also attract viewers back to your website increasing awareness and also sales.

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