Multilingual Streaming

Many organisations need to be able to stream and commentate in different languages, 42Live multilingual live streaming services help our clients stream to global audiences increasing their sales and territory.

Multilingual streaming has been used for:

  • Live Poker Games
  • Product Launches
  • Political News Reports
  • Conferences

Producing commentary in different languages for television and streaming is one of our specialities.

One of our regular clients has four different language commentators in a room, talking about content that is on a screen in front of them, at some of their events commentators are based in different countries to commentate on that same stream.

42Live’s platform can help in a number of ways:

  • Publishing ultra-low latency commentary video streams
  • Returning remote commentary audio
  • Re-syncing original audio and video
  • Streaming to 42Live CDN combined video with all audio languages in a single stream
  • Producing multilingual HTML5 player or on passing as individual streams

We look forward to helping you with your multilingual stream, please contact us for further details.