42Live Config Path Page

Event Date:

Customer Name (first 6 letters):
Event Name:

RTMP Encode / MediaLive Input:

Instagram Input:

Instagram Output:

HLS-AWS to Akamai:

HLS-Akamai Output:

RTMP Pull:
Edit Stream name in RTMP-Pull-Event in PushPublishMap and also select correct stream profile.
Event appears in Webcast_Distribution.
rtmp:// @1080p

Stream profile: date_event_1080p
Stream name: bf3b6f064dd1

RTMP Push:
Edit Destination details in RTMP-Push-Event in PushPublishMap and select correct stream profile.
rtmp:// @720p

Stream profile: date_event_720p
Host: (leave out rtmp://)
Application name: event
Stream name: streamkey