Virtual Events

During these times we understand that managing live events may be difficult with the uncertainty of venue locations, and mixing talent/crew in covid areas. 42Live have developed a range solutions, from Hybrid events to fully virtual events to keep events running and people safe.

Integrated zoom/teams production

We know that some companies are very restricted to what platform they can live stream to or access over the web. For multiple clients, we have already integrated productions into Zoom and Microsoft Teams, allowing colleagues & viewers to still gain access to all resources.

Full virtual event setup

42live have developed a way to host a virtual event all through the cloud, we have the ability to receive a low latency video from the multiple guests, and vision mix/integrate the feed with any graphics, video and presentations.

Pre-built Camera Production Setup

We offer a solution where we can send out a pre build camera production box with 3 PTZ cameras to minimise the amount of people running a live show.

Encoder Hire

Some companies already have their production set up, but need a reliable encoder to send their stream to a specific Platform or Social Media. 

Using our Eddie platform, and our encoders you can Live Stream to multiple platforms from a single encoder .

Case Studies of Virtual events